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Daily Obstruction: Thelema

15 Oct






Use me as Thou wilt.  I’m yours.

Resistance is folly.

You have broken me.

You have opened me.

You have sounded me.

My will has left me bereft.

Your will is all I have left.

Carry me upon the cosmic current

like so many sparks of light

coalescing in the darkest night.

As you form me, ephemeral though “I” may be,

ʼtis Your energy to fashion as You see fit.

Far be it for the flame to rebuke the fuel.

ʼTis not for the fire to take the wood to task for its use.

ʼTis all that You sustain me now,

dependently arising within a universe that, like a tidal river, ever ebbs and flows.

Daily Obstruction: Composition

13 Oct





As a pen in the hand of an author, so the “artist” is to The Author.  Thus it is written.


Daily Obstruction: Almanac

9 Oct




Fallow and fecund.  Dormant and prodigious.  Back and forth the artist’s pendulum swings, just as with the farmer’s field.  Like the farmer, the artist too fears the day of declining yield.

Daily Obstruction: Artistic Bent

6 Oct




Artistic Bent


The most intense adversity can act as a crucible for creativity.

Daily Obstruction: Writing Exercise in Futility

1 Oct


Writing Exercise in Futility


Alone in my cell, I use imaginary paint to cover the walls with the images of my dreams for no other reason than to forget for a brief moment that they imprison me in my solitary confinement.  Or is my cell a figment of my imagination?


Daily Obstruction: Hidden to Oneself

30 Sep


Hidden to Oneself


Buddy Rich couldn’t read music.  Once he asked his friend and my former teacher, Al Miller, to teach him.  Al responded, “I could, but it would only make you a worse drummer, not better.”  Sometimes, especially for an artist of genius, knowing what you do is a hindrance to doing it.


Daily Obstruction: Travels

6 Sep




If dreams are the highway to the unconscious, then art is the byway from the unconscious.

Daily Obstruction: A Different Sort of Writer’s Block

28 Aug



A Different Sort of Writer’s Block



My writing is an obstruction to my producing my writing.


Daily Obstruction: Artist’s Tao

15 Aug



Artist’s Tao


Just as a sculptor works with the inherent faults, flaws, and grooves of the raw material, so too do all artists work with the natural inclination their chosen medium.


Daily Obstruction: Artist’s Struggle

15 Aug


Artist’s Struggle


Just as a sculptor carves out of wood or stone a form only seen by the artist’s eye, so too all art is the struggle with what exists to draw out something new.