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Daily Obstruction: In-Ludere

29 Feb

Bodhidharma by Hakuin



Disguises, masks, pretenses, costumes – all great obstructions and obfuscations for the artist.  Concealed behind the duplicitous image, play reigns free.

Daily Obstruction: The Writer’s Lament

28 Feb



The Writer’s Lament

The visual arts and music can be apprehended in real-time, but with writing it is otherwise.  One voice in the echo-chamber, every doubt is amplified multiple times.  A stage with many players – all of them the author – playing to an empty theater with silent applause.


Daily Obstruction: In Heaven and On Earth

27 Feb



In Heaven and On Earth


Though the law, in theory, represents ‘us’ and ‘our’ interests, we don’t live in theory.  In lived experience, the lofty aspirations of ‘the law’ are manifest in the flawed enforcement of mortals drunk on power and the crushing force of ‘a system.’  Hence, it should come as no surprise that in fiction outlaws are portrayed as heroes opposing every last vestige of authority and audiences everywhere identify with the heroic lawbreaker.

Daily Obstruction: Causes & Reasons

26 Feb



Causes & Reasons


Whatever it is you do, you do it for a reason.  Almost always, the reason is not known to you and frequently you assign a meaning to the action totally antithetical to the real reason.  But trust your intuition – it knows why.

Daily Obstruction: Contra Aristotle

25 Feb


Contra Aristotle


So many people wonder why they’re not happy.  The answer is self-evident: Contrary to Aristotle, humans are not meant to be happy.  That’s not our goal, our telos, any more than the goal of the atmosphere is to be sunny and 74 degrees.  Rather, we are meant to complete our assigned task and that is not easy.  “Happiness” is a chimera created to be like the proverbial carrot held out in front of the donkey to get it to do its work.  Forget happiness and focus on your work because you are not an ass and your work was assigned just for you.

Daily Obstruction: Inertia & Change

24 Feb


Inertia and Change



Stability, comfort, routine, security, subservience are enemies of growth, development, vitality, imagination, and freedom.  Complacency and conformity result from concord.  Conflict and resistance create sparks of genius.


Daily Obstruction: Thanaterotic

23 Feb




That point when the dual and opposite drives of Eros and Thanatos meet.