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Daily Obstruction: Uninvited Guests and Hospitality

9 Aug


Uninvited Guests and Hospitality



When troubles are beating at your door, open it and invite them in.  See what happens.

Daily Obstruction: Trouble Maker

14 Jul



Trouble Maker


When making trouble for others, remember, all those problems will come back to revisit you in one guise or another.

Daily Obstruction: Solutions & Remainder

27 Jun



Solutions & Remainders


God = the irreducible remainder, that is, whatever you’re left with when you’ve lost everything else.


Daily Obstruction: Self Snare

20 Jun

Medieval Dunking

Self Snare


When you walk into the same trap repeatedly, every time, then you have to begin to suspect that it’s your trap, as in, you’re the one who set it.  So you can’t really be upset that you find yourself in its snare.

Daily Obstruction: Open Invitation

25 Jan

shiva dancing on ignorance

Open Invitation


If you feel like you’re having a love affair with Trouble, maybe you are.