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Daily Obstruction: Ecstatic

31 Aug





Ecstasy is experiencing each and every sensation, whether pleasant or painful, as orgasmic.  Each moment presents us with this potential.  We can answer it with either a Yes or a No.



Daily Obstruction: Retreat & Return

30 Aug


Retreat and Return


In this day and age – to a far greater extent than ever in human history – we must actively seek to cultivate the virtues of solitude, slowness, and contemplation as counter balances to distraction, speed, and inauthenticity.  Humanity’s crowning achievement – the virtual removal of boundaries in space and time, allowing for instantaneous communication and virtual as well as physical being-with-others and being-present-for-others – is now our greatest obstacle.  We cannot truly be with another or be present for another if we don’t know how to be alone or to be present without diversions.  Solitude is not the same as loneliness or feeling isolated or alienated.  Solitude is the salve for alienation from the self.  Only when you have repaired the rupture from yourself are you ready to return.

Reiki Special – Thursday, September 8

30 Aug

Eishoji ZEN



A Brief Introduction to the Practice

            chakras  &

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A Guided Meditation on the Chakras


Emily Kushvaliev, a Reiki Master/Practitioner will introduce us to Reiki, providing a brief history of the practice and explaining how it is used to promote relaxation and enhance our self-healing capabilities.  She will then lead us through a 20 minute guided meditation that will incorporate the seven main chakras and their key elements. Following the session, Emily will be available to answer questions or talk more about the practice.


For more information about Emily Kushvaliev, see:



Thursday September 8, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.  1318 Beacon Street, Suite 15.

RSVP – 508-360-2323 or


Daily Obstruction: Koan

29 Aug

Bodhidharma by Hakuin



A koan is an artificial problem designed to shed light on the artifice of all problems, not least of all, birth and death.


Daily Obstruction: Essential Ingredient

28 Aug

quan yin

Essential Ingredient


There are certain lines of texts that are a key to unlocking the whole:  “And the student brought fuel for the fire to the master” – Upanishads; “The master gave a shout” – Zen koan collection; “Socrates had a way of playing with my hair” – Phaedo; “Mahakashyapa smiled and began to laugh” – The Flower Sutra.  Or rather than a key, they are more like a particular spice that gives the flavor and aroma to the whole meal.

Daily Obstruction: A Different Sort of Writer’s Block

28 Aug



A Different Sort of Writer’s Block



My writing is an obstruction to my producing my writing.


Daily Obstruction: Absence

26 Aug





Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also makes the mind grow wiser.



Daily Obstruction: Either/Or

25 Aug

nothing to be gained



Every morning I wake up and I have a choice to make between believing that I have a purpose and accepting that I’m nothing but dust and water in an infinite expanse of more dust and water.  Most mornings I choose the former because I could not live by accepting the latter.  Some mornings, however, I have not the strength to choose and so I accept and. . . remarkably, on those days when nothing matters, it’s not so bad.

Daily Obstruction: Falling into a Pit

24 Aug



Falling into a Pit


Some people lead with fear.  I lead with love – blindly.

Daily Obstruction: State of Being and Process of Becoming

23 Aug



State of Being and Process of Becoming


Defeat is not failure.  Failure is giving up, not trying, dropping out.  Failure is a mental state.  Defeat is part of a process.  One can be defeated but not be a failure.