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Daily Obstruction: Writing Exercise in Futility

1 Oct


Writing Exercise in Futility


Alone in my cell, I use imaginary paint to cover the walls with the images of my dreams for no other reason than to forget for a brief moment that they imprison me in my solitary confinement.  Or is my cell a figment of my imagination?


Daily Obstruction: Order of Operation

13 Sep



Order of Operation



Dream the life before living the dream.

Daily Obstruction: Travels

6 Sep




If dreams are the highway to the unconscious, then art is the byway from the unconscious.

Daily Obstruction: Language Immersion

5 Sep


Language Immersion


The Self is wiser than the self.  In dreams the divine Self communicates through hieroglyphs, a half-forgotten language.  The mortal self has to decipher the language before the lessons can be approached.

Daily Obstruction: Dyslexic Dreams

8 Aug



Dyslexic Dreams



Where there is no trail,

But there is a dream,

Remember that the trial

Is the trail rearranged

Within your somnambulist-journey.

Daily Obstruction: Dreams Are Destiny

27 Apr


Dreams Are Destiny


When all else is taken from you, you still have your dreams.  Fill in the detail of your dreams’ designs, for the dream is the blueprint of the realization.

Daily Obstruction: Dawn of Dreams

20 Feb


Mountain Top 054

Dawn of Dreams

Exhaustion of the body is spiritual awakening.

Daily Obstruction: Dreams

1 Feb

bodhi tree buddha



Which poses more obstacles? – Waking life or dreaming?  What about awakening from waking life?

Perchance To Dream: Daily (or Nightly) Obstruction

15 Dec


Perchance To Dream

The greatest proof of our creating rather than eliminating obstacles?  Even in dreams, where we are the authors of our narratives, we almost always create the most tremendous of obstructions for ourselves.  Aye, there’s the rub!

Today’s Daily Obstruction: Effortless

10 Nov




There’s no need to chase your dreams – they will come to you by-and-by.