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Daily Obstruction: Competitors

4 Aug

buddha mara




Com + petere – To strive, to seek together.  Competitors strive for their personal best together because a worthy opponent pushes one to do better.  Competitors seek for their greatest self together because a true adversary brings out the best in oneself.

Daily Obstruction: Instructional Analogy

10 Jul


Instructional Analogy


As in play, so too in life.

Daily Obstruction: Playtime

3 Jul





If life were a zero-sum game, then the fact would be that ultimately we all end in the zero column.  If it’s not a zero-sum game, then, it’s not strictly a competitive game.  None of us win in the end, but all of us can play simply for fun.

Daily Obstruction: Divine Play

12 Jun




Divine Play


Birth and death – the divine play akin to peekaboo and hide-and-seek.

Daily Obstruction: Fun

27 May




There’s a difference between “happiness” and “fun.”  Fun often includes, even necessitates, challenge, struggle, fear, and failure – but all in the name of the game.

Daily Obstruction: Justice & Fairness

17 May



Justice & Fairness


There is more than a casual correlation between our desire for fairness in sports and games and our quest for justice in more “serious” realms.

Daily Obstruction: Too Far

2 Mar




Taking It Too Far


Math, economic transactions, games, sports, music, dance, even something as “simple” as just sitting – have you ever noticed that we turn everything that should be easy into something tremendously difficult and complicated?