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Daily Obstruction: Necessities & Nuisances

21 Apr

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Necessities & Nuisances


Socrates found the needs for sleep, food, drink, sex, and other bodily necessities to be obstacles.  Others call these “creature comforts.”  Still others find these to be that which makes life worth living.  What you find to be an obstruction or an amenity says much about you.

Daily Obstruction: Inertia & Change

24 Feb


Inertia and Change



Stability, comfort, routine, security, subservience are enemies of growth, development, vitality, imagination, and freedom.  Complacency and conformity result from concord.  Conflict and resistance create sparks of genius.


Daily Obstruction: Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

7 Feb

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Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

Have you ever wondered why you find pain pleasurable and find decadent pleasure nauseating?  Contrary to the British philosophers, we were not made for pleasure.  We were made for finding delight in the overcoming of pleasure.