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Daily Obstruction: Joy & Scorn

31 Jul




Joy & Scorn


There’s a reason why angels sing and preachers sermonize.



Daily Obstruction: Bodhisattva Vow

30 Jul


Bodhisattva Vow

One is never fully liberated until all others are liberated as well.

Daily Obstruction: Longevity

29 Jul



Seems Tautological, But It’s Not


The key to longevity is lasting a long time.

Daily Obstruction: False Dichotomy

28 Jul



False Dichotomy


Subjugating others does not liberate you.

Daily Obstruction: Doubt & Certainty

27 Jul


zen garden2

Doubt & Certainty


If you hit rock bottom, at least you’re on solid ground.

Daily Obstruction: Harmonics

26 Jul




A single note does not a composition make.  Even a single note elicits sympathetic vibrations.

Daily Obstruction: A Moment’s Quality

25 Jul


A Moment’s Quality


Just as each note in a composition is harmonious or dissonant with the cluster of notes surrounding it and it is from that cluster of notes that the quality of the chord is created, so too, each moment falls not only in a linear progression but a vertical relation as well.