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Daily Obstruction: The Three L’s

15 Jul

Lois Mona

The Three L’s


The key to a long life: laughter, love, living in the moment.


(Happy 80th Birthday to Mona & Lois!)

Daily Obstruction: Here, Here!

11 Jul




Here, Here!


Tomorrow may bring disaster, but at least we have today.



Daily Obstruction: Fun

27 May




There’s a difference between “happiness” and “fun.”  Fun often includes, even necessitates, challenge, struggle, fear, and failure – but all in the name of the game.

Daily Obstruction: GDP & GDH

26 May





Empirical evidence of the human species’ valuing strife over happiness: the predominance of Capitalism over the guiding index of Gross Domestic Happiness.


[The best things in life are free and with these new little libraries that are sprouting all over the place, that’s never been more true!)

Daily Obstruction: Happiness is Overrated

14 May


Happiness is Overrated


Happiness is overrated.

Daily Obstruction: Via Negativa – Vita Vitalia

16 Apr



Via Negativa Vita Vitalia


Aristotle once asked what the ultimate goal of the human form of life is.  He rejected the aim of “living,” for we humans have that in common with all life and thus that can’t be the unique purpose of human existence.  But why segregate human life from all other forms of life?  From the vantage point of life, the task of life is living.  There is no ultimate achievement; only varying degrees of living vitally.  The impulse of life moves toward living as vitally as one can.  More often than not, this inclination exceeds mere “happiness.”  Often vital living means distress, dis-ease, discomfort, even one’s own demise.  The fact that so many of the words that describe the state beyond happiness involve negative prefixes exemplifies the standpoint from which mankind has developed its vocabulary – from within the realm relative safety, ease, and comfort.  Humans lack a positive word for the ecstatic state of vitalism.

Daily Obstruction: Making Plans

5 Apr


Making Plans


Does it really make sense to say, “Sometime in the future I’ll live in the present”?

Daily Obstruction: Nurture

23 Mar

nothing to be gained

Making Do


Raised in hardship, happiness is easily found.  Reared in luxury, satisfaction is seldom sound.


Daily Obstruction: Contra Aristotle

25 Feb


Contra Aristotle


So many people wonder why they’re not happy.  The answer is self-evident: Contrary to Aristotle, humans are not meant to be happy.  That’s not our goal, our telos, any more than the goal of the atmosphere is to be sunny and 74 degrees.  Rather, we are meant to complete our assigned task and that is not easy.  “Happiness” is a chimera created to be like the proverbial carrot held out in front of the donkey to get it to do its work.  Forget happiness and focus on your work because you are not an ass and your work was assigned just for you.