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Daily Obstruction: The Three L’s

15 Jul

Lois Mona

The Three L’s


The key to a long life: laughter, love, living in the moment.


(Happy 80th Birthday to Mona & Lois!)

Daily Obstruction: Pith and Pomp

11 Jun


Pith and Pomp


Pretty phrases are like a Christmas tree – an elaborately decorated symbol of life upon the boughs of death.  Aphorisms are like a gnarled tree upon a lonely mountain pass – difficult but beautiful in its own way, and remarkably alive.

Daily Obstruction: Fool’s Dilemma

13 May


Fool’s Dilemma


The philosopher’s fundamental questions – freedom of the will and determinism – are the playthings of monkey mind.


Daily Obstruction: Wisdom in the Information Age

11 May


Wisdom in the Information Age


All the treasure-troves may be at your fingertips, but unless you are a lapidary, you may find yourself mistaking costume jewelry for gemstones.