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Daily Obstruction: Essential Ingredient

28 Aug

quan yin

Essential Ingredient


There are certain lines of texts that are a key to unlocking the whole:  “And the student brought fuel for the fire to the master” – Upanishads; “The master gave a shout” – Zen koan collection; “Socrates had a way of playing with my hair” – Phaedo; “Mahakashyapa smiled and began to laugh” – The Flower Sutra.  Or rather than a key, they are more like a particular spice that gives the flavor and aroma to the whole meal.

Daily Obstruction: Interpretive Strategies

9 Apr


Interpretive Strategies

What I right today, even if critical of what I wrote yesterday, in no way impinges upon yesterday’s writing.  (Be sure to read yesterday’s writing with this hermeneutic approach.)