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Daily Obstruction: Prerequisite

30 Sep





Is it not necessary for a “peak experience” to emerge from a plain or even a valley?

Daily Obstruction: Hidden to Oneself

30 Sep


Hidden to Oneself


Buddy Rich couldn’t read music.  Once he asked his friend and my former teacher, Al Miller, to teach him.  Al responded, “I could, but it would only make you a worse drummer, not better.”  Sometimes, especially for an artist of genius, knowing what you do is a hindrance to doing it.


Daily Obstruction: A Lonesome Journey

29 Sep



A Lonesome Journey



The path through the valley of the shadow of death can only be crossed alone.

Daily Obstruction: Fragile! Don’t Touch!

27 Sep




Fragile! Don’t Touch!



There’s that which protects the heart

and there’s that which imprisons it.

There’s that which opens the heart

and there’s that which abuses it.

Upon the heart

the most gentle caress can leave a scar.

Though the heart heals itself

It bears its bloody wounds forever.


Daily Obstruction: Logos

27 Sep




Writing completes the work of creation.


Daily Obstruction: Out of the Pit

25 Sep



Out of the Pit


The steeper the ascent, the more strenuous the climb.

Daily Obstruction: The Graven Image

24 Sep



The Graven Image


Every writer has a hidden affinity for death.  Authors and monument carvers have overlapping fields of work.