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Daily Obstruction: Cursed Spite!

14 Oct




Cursed Spite!


I am a living anachronism.

Daily Obstruction: The Meaning of Time

19 Aug



The Meaning of Time


You will not be able to enjoy the limited time that has been allotted to you until you realize that time is meaningless.


Daily Obstruction: Lyrics Taken Literally

1 Aug


Lyrics Taken Literally


“The good ole days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”  Proof: Today is tomorrow’s good ole days and today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Daily Obstruction: A Moment’s Quality

25 Jul


A Moment’s Quality


Just as each note in a composition is harmonious or dissonant with the cluster of notes surrounding it and it is from that cluster of notes that the quality of the chord is created, so too, each moment falls not only in a linear progression but a vertical relation as well.

Daily Obstruction: Contextual Now

25 Jul


Contextual Now


Just as each note in a composition is not independent of that which came before it or that which comes after it, so too, each moment has a history and future in which its meaning is found.

Daily Obstruction: The Sad State of the Written Word

17 Jul



The Sad State of the Written Word



The idea of an author, creator, inspired visionary is rapidly losing ground to data-driven documents published on demand.  These data-drivers aren’t even producing books, but e-books, which are not testaments in time, but rather, literally, movable type that may say something else tomorrow than they do today if the data so dictates.

Daily Obstruction: Just For Now

28 Jun


Just For Now


Everything is just for now.  Talk of plans for the future – just for now.  Memories of things past – just for now.  To do this or not do that – just for now.  There is nothing that is not just for now.  Even this is just for now.

Daily Obstructions: Traveler of Space and Time

21 May


Traveler of Time and Space


Past, present, and future may all exist simultaneously.  All places may be the same place, but you exist here and now.  That is your boon and your bane, your challenge and your reality, your possibility and your limitation.  Are you up for it?


[Dear Readers: I apologize for not having a post posted yesterday.  I was traveling from 6:45 am to midnight EST.  I have arrived.  There will be two Daily Obstructions today to make up for yesterday’s deficiency. ]

Daily Obstruction: Philosophers & Monsters

22 Apr



Philosophers & Monsters


The riddle of the Sphynx is the nemesis of the philosopher.  Its essence is time.  Its effect is a plague.  The Sphynx stands before the philosopher as the personification of Nature’s objection to all philosophy.

Daily Obstruction: Going for the Gold Watch?

6 Apr


Going for the Gold Watch?


“I have been doing such-and-such for over twenty years.”  Most people, when they hear words to that effect, interpret them as a virtue: consistency, dependability, reliability, dedication, etc.  I hear a lack of imagination, and stagnation due to fear, comfort, and complacency.  But what it really comes down to, I suppose, is what “such-and-such” is and how you do it.