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Daily Obstruction: Joy & Sorrow

23 Sep


Joy & Sorrow


The source of my joy is always of my own making.  It then follows that the source of my suffering and sorrow is also always of my own making.


Daily Obstruction: Joy & Scorn

31 Jul




Joy & Scorn


There’s a reason why angels sing and preachers sermonize.



Daily Obstruction: The Three L’s

15 Jul

Lois Mona

The Three L’s


The key to a long life: laughter, love, living in the moment.


(Happy 80th Birthday to Mona & Lois!)

Daily Obstruction: Capacity for Joy and its Opposite

13 Mar



Capacity for Joy and its Opposite


You tell me which takes more effort: drinking lemonade or turning lemonade into lemons?


* The image is the classic Chinese depiction of Confucius, Buddha, and Lao Tzu (L-R) tasting the contents of a vat of vinegar.  The vinegar is a metaphor symbolizing life and the interpretation of the image is that Confucius purses his lips, finding it unpalatable, Buddha is Stoically neutral.  Only Lao Tzu tastes it and smiles.