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Daily Obstruction: Abode

31 May




Surrounded by sights, sounds, and sense stimuli, I reside in the silent stillness of the Self.


Daily Obstruction: Degrees of Difficulty

30 May


Degrees of Difficulty


As with mountains and pyramids, so too with rites of ascending passage – one can climb along the surface elevations or one can explore the inner chambers.  One can tunnel under to unearth the foundation or one can enter and exit the gates of the garden paths and byways.

Daily Obstruction: Detective Story

29 May



Detective Story


Every moment is a mystery.  Detectives are not needed in order to solve the mystery, but in order to alert others to the fact of its existence.

Daily Obstruction: Wind, Water, & Sail

28 May


Wind, Water, & Sail


Sailing looks like a breeze from the shore, but it takes skill, intelligence, dexterity, and the fortitude to place oneself in the power of the prevailing winds.


Daily Obstruction: Fun

27 May




There’s a difference between “happiness” and “fun.”  Fun often includes, even necessitates, challenge, struggle, fear, and failure – but all in the name of the game.

Daily Obstruction: GDP & GDH

26 May





Empirical evidence of the human species’ valuing strife over happiness: the predominance of Capitalism over the guiding index of Gross Domestic Happiness.


[The best things in life are free and with these new little libraries that are sprouting all over the place, that’s never been more true!)

Daily Obstruction: The Creative Process

26 May


Creative Process


A good measure of obscurity, opacity, and self-ignorance is necessary for the creative process.  As a result, the person least fit to elucidate a work of art is the artist.


[Though it may appear that the Daily Obstruction for 05/25/2016 is missing, this is actually the post for that date because where I am now it is still May 25.  Earlier today I didn’t have access to internet at the beach or in the mountains (thank goodness).  Aloha!]

Daily Obstruction: The Social Animal

24 May


The Social Animal


Conflict is the inevitable corollary of companionship.

Daily Obstruction: Will or Way?

23 May


Will or Way?


It’s not a matter of “When there is a will there’s a way.”  It’s a matter of submitting your will to the Way.

Daily Obstruction: Your Body and “You”

22 May



What Do You Mean?


People commonly say “My body is killing me.”  Is it, or are you killing your body?