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Daily Obstruction: Journey of the Spirit

30 Apr



Journey of the Spirit


As with fine wine and spirits, thoughts too have their origin in the earth, need cultivation, discrimination in the harvesting, time for fermentation, and finally refining.  But all that effort could be for either a crude intoxicant or for a discerning palate.

Daily Obstruction: Horror Vaccui

29 Apr


Horror Vaccui


Just as many people feel intimidated by the blank canvas before them and would prefer a color-by-number picture to creating an original work of art, so too do many people stand in horror before the possibilities that life places before them and prefer to follow the well-worn paths of others and obey “the rules” rather than make their own path and own rules.

Daily Obstruction: The Obstruction of Freedom

28 Apr

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The Obstruction of Freedom


Most people are not artists because they don’t know what to do with the radical freedom that faces them before the act of creation.  To the non-artist, nothing is more intimidating than the blank canvas, the empty page, silence before the symphony, the empty stage.


Daily Obstruction: Dreams Are Destiny

27 Apr


Dreams Are Destiny


When all else is taken from you, you still have your dreams.  Fill in the detail of your dreams’ designs, for the dream is the blueprint of the realization.

Daily Obstruction: In a Word

26 Apr
46TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS -- Prince performs "Purple Rain" as the opening act during the 46th Annual Grammy Awards show, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., Sunday, Feb. 8, 2004. LOS ANGELES TIMES PHOTO BY RICHARD HARTOG

46TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS — Prince performs “Purple Rain” as the opening act during the 46th Annual Grammy Awards show, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., Sunday, Feb. 8, 2004. LOS ANGELES TIMES PHOTO BY RICHARD HARTOG


In a Word


You can amputate my gangly limbs, stuff me up and put me in a bottle, slap a label on it and sell me on the shelf, but I’ll never remain bottled up.  Eventually my phantom limbs will strangle your choking categories and leave them along the side of the road, empty husks that they are.

Daily Obstruction: The Contrarian

25 Apr


The Contrarian


Against opinions to the contrary, being contrary is not in my nature.  I don’t even stand on principle.  I stand on my own two feet and speak my mind.

Daily Obstruction: Power

24 Apr




The power you hold also has the power to hold you.

Daily Obstruction: Row of the Heavenly Hosts

24 Apr


Row of the Heavenly Hosts


It is said that when God considered creating humans, God brought the question to the hosts of angels.  The angels were split evenly between the camp that were in favor of this creature and those that were opposed.  Of those in favor, they put forth the argument that this creature would be most godlike since it would have freedom of choice.  Of those opposed, they put forth the argument of the potential for evil this creature would have due to its being imbued with freedom of the will.  In the pro camp, the angels advocated for imbuing this creature with so powerful a mind that it could figure out the best choices.  In the con camp, Satan, jealous of the new creature’s powers and also eager to employ the new creature for his own purposes, convinced his fellow angels to concede to the creation of humans on the condition that the new creature was not given any instruction on how to use its unique power – the mind.


Daily Obstruction: Philosophers & Monsters

22 Apr



Philosophers & Monsters


The riddle of the Sphynx is the nemesis of the philosopher.  Its essence is time.  Its effect is a plague.  The Sphynx stands before the philosopher as the personification of Nature’s objection to all philosophy.

Daily Obstruction: Necessities & Nuisances

21 Apr

ascetic buddha1

Necessities & Nuisances


Socrates found the needs for sleep, food, drink, sex, and other bodily necessities to be obstacles.  Others call these “creature comforts.”  Still others find these to be that which makes life worth living.  What you find to be an obstruction or an amenity says much about you.