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Daily Obstruction: In Mozart’s Workshop

23 Sep


In Mozart’s Workshop


Radios transmit, they don’t create.  So too with minds.

Daily Obstruction: Refractive Index

4 Sep


Refractive Index


Light : Light seen through glass, passing through water :: Thought : Thought passing through a melancholic spell.


Daily Obstruction: The Speed of Thought

4 Jul


The Speed of Thought


Some days thoughts spontaneously shimmer across the cerebrum like morning light dancing on the lake in autumn and other days it’s as if the cerebrospinal fluid is a neurotransmitter inhibitor, darkening the stage of the dance.

Daily Obstruction: Fool’s Dilemma

13 May


Fool’s Dilemma


The philosopher’s fundamental questions – freedom of the will and determinism – are the playthings of monkey mind.


Daily Obstruction: Journey of the Spirit

30 Apr



Journey of the Spirit


As with fine wine and spirits, thoughts too have their origin in the earth, need cultivation, discrimination in the harvesting, time for fermentation, and finally refining.  But all that effort could be for either a crude intoxicant or for a discerning palate.

Daily Obstruction: The Power of Thought

2 Apr


The Power of Thought


Billions of years of high pressure does not turn coal into a valuable stone.  Thinking does.

Daily Obstruction: Thoughts & Deeds

30 Mar


Thoughts & Deeds


Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am.  But it does not follow to say, “I think bad thoughts, therefore I am bad.”  Or, conversely, “I think good thoughts, therefore I am good.”

Daily Obstruction: Brain Chemistry

22 Mar


Brain Chemistry

My mind is made of unstable elements.

Daily Obstruction: Expansive Silence

3 Mar


Expansive Silence


Words can expand your ken, but silence expands your mind.

Daily Obstruction: Ephemeral Obstacles

4 Jan


Ephemeral Obstacles Are the Most Trenchant

Thoughts have no weight, move at the speed of light, and are pure energy, yet they present the most formidable obstructions.