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Daily Obstruction: Uninvited Guests and Hospitality

9 Aug


Uninvited Guests and Hospitality



When troubles are beating at your door, open it and invite them in.  See what happens.

Daily Obstruction: RPG

2 Jul

Vishnu as Man-Lion




“Why is my life so difficult?”

“Think of it like a video game – after mastering a level, you jump to the next incrementally more challenging level.  Maybe you’re a game master?”

“Maybe I’m not cut out for video games.”

“That’s a possibility too.”

Daily Obstruction: Gradual Radical Break

26 Jun


Gradual Radical Break


Next time you feel as if progress is slow and that you are being held back, remember, it took about 250 million years for the first fish to pop its head above water and even think about crawling on land.  No doubt, all the other fish said that fish had flipped its lid.

Daily Obstruction: Easier Said Than Done

8 Jun



Easier Said Than Done


When sailing and a storm appears on the horizon, don’t sail into it.  Use its gales to guide you to uncharted territories.

Daily Obstruction: Internal and External Resistance

2 Jun


Internal and External Resistance


Resistance is to be found both externally and internally.  External resistance can hinder your way like an opposing wind.  The challenge is to use it to propel you forward, as is done with sailing.  Internal resistance can stunt your growth, like too much wood extinguishing a fire rather than fueling it.  The challenge is to use it to burn even brighter.

Daily Obstruction: Wind, Water, & Sail

28 May


Wind, Water, & Sail


Sailing looks like a breeze from the shore, but it takes skill, intelligence, dexterity, and the fortitude to place oneself in the power of the prevailing winds.


Daily Obstruction: Progress

8 May

Vishnu as Man-Lion




Nothing great was ever achieved without the spilling of human blood.