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Daily Obstruction: Capacity for Joy and its Opposite

13 Mar



Capacity for Joy and its Opposite


You tell me which takes more effort: drinking lemonade or turning lemonade into lemons?


* The image is the classic Chinese depiction of Confucius, Buddha, and Lao Tzu (L-R) tasting the contents of a vat of vinegar.  The vinegar is a metaphor symbolizing life and the interpretation of the image is that Confucius purses his lips, finding it unpalatable, Buddha is Stoically neutral.  Only Lao Tzu tastes it and smiles.

Daily Obstruction: Not That!

2 Jan



Finger Pointing at the Eclipse of the Moon


This is not an inspirational, positive-thinking, motivational message.  These are not daily affirmations.  Rather, the point here is to draw attention to the multifarious obstacles in your life, recognize that they are there by choice, affinity, and design, and further, that they constitute your life, even while they congest it.  In the face of so many self-improvement programs, the aim here is to realize that there is nothing to improve and the only obstacle to remove is your objection to obstructions.


*The image above is a classic Chinese depiction of Confucius, Buddha, and Lao-tzu (L-R).  They are each tasting from a vat of vinegar.  Confucius and Buddha both have pursed lips due to the unpleasant taste.  Only Lao-tzu has a hint of a smile, taking delight in the bitter.  The vinegar is a metaphor for life.