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Daily Obstruction: “My Pains Were Their Own Reward”

10 Oct



“My Pains Were Their Own Reward”


What profit, asks the prophet, what profit do you reap from the work of your hands?  He who looks to the fruit finds it not.  She who delights in the labor discovers self-fulfillment.



Daily Obstruction: Karma-Yoga

1 May

wheel of law




“Karma” literally means “action.”  Bad karma is bad action.  The worst karma is when people pass along their bad karma onto you.  But you have a karmic choice: continue the chain of bad karma by passing it along to others, or stopping the chain with you.  Karmic transmission is symbolized by the image of the fire of a candle igniting the wick of other candles.  “Nirvana” literally means “blowing out” and is symbolized in this metaphor as “blowing the candle out.”  “Yoga” literally means “union.”  Thus Karma-Yoga could be understood very physically as the act of proper breathing: The union of Karma (inhaling) and Nirvana (exhaling).