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Daily Obstruction: State of Being and Process of Becoming

23 Aug



State of Being and Process of Becoming


Defeat is not failure.  Failure is giving up, not trying, dropping out.  Failure is a mental state.  Defeat is part of a process.  One can be defeated but not be a failure.

Daily Obstruction: Misadventure

18 Aug





“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” the saying goes.  Sometimes the only thing gained is pain, disappointment, and bitter knowledge.

Daily Obstruction: Apprenticeship

16 Jul






Every day God paints anew upon the blank canvass of the sky.  It’s not that God is trying to “get it right,” but simply painting for painting’s sake.  Every moment the sea undulates and crests and crashes upon the shore, not in order to make the perfect wave, but simply because that’s what it does.  Art abounds, art surrounds us, art is us.  What can we learn from all the various masterful art instructors?  Do what comes naturally, and fear not the “correct” way, the “perfect” product, the “right” result.

Daily Obstruction: Try, Fail, Repeat

10 Jun


Try, Fail, Repeat


It’s been said that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.  Unfortunately, that’s also a very apt description of the learning process.

Daily Obstruction: Negative Feedback

4 May


Negative Feedback


I don’t deal well with not being perfect.  It’s one of my imperfections and it drives me crazy.


Daily Obstruction: A Solution for Every Problem

7 Apr



A Solution for Every Problem


“Every problem has a solution.”  That sort of thinking is half the problem.  The other half of the problem is that often the solution to trenchant problems is almost as painful as the problem itself.


Daily Obstruction: By Indirections

28 Mar


By Indirections


If all forward progress took a direct route, then no cars would be equipped with the ability to go in reverse.

Daily Obstruction: Samsara in the Sky

26 Mar

guan yin


Samsara in the Sky


It’s the errant star that gets noticed.  It is called a “planet,” literally, “wanderer.”

Daily Obstruction: Inertia & Change

24 Feb


Inertia and Change



Stability, comfort, routine, security, subservience are enemies of growth, development, vitality, imagination, and freedom.  Complacency and conformity result from concord.  Conflict and resistance create sparks of genius.


Daily Obstruction: Life-Long Learning

22 Feb



Life’s Learning Curve


After particularly unpleasant encounters, people sometimes say, “I guess it was a learning experience.”  Everything is a learning experience if only you are aware of your ignorance.  It’s only when you forget your ignorance that you encounter difficulty due to the false presumption of knowledge about your current situation.