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Daily Obstruction: Crisis

31 Jan

buddha mara


Midlife crisis?  Every day should present such a crisis.


* – Greek krisis “turning point in a disease” (used as such by Hippocrates and Galen), literally “judgment, result of a trial, selection,” from krinein “to separate, decide, judge.”

Daily Obstruction: Spoken Word

30 Jan


Spoken Word

Did you ever overhear someone telling a story and strive to hear more?  There are, as a matter of course, storytellers, just as there are people who can carry a tune.  But the difference between that and a virtuoso is. . . .  What’s that?  You wish to hear more?

Daily Obstruction: Axis Mundi

29 Jan



Axis Mundi


When the world whirls too fast, find its axis and be still.

Daily Obstruction: Ups, Downs, and Trepidation

28 Jan


Ups, Downs, and Trepidation


When high, the anxiety of the descent can summon its inception.

Daily Obstruction: Theme & Variation

27 Jan

the rules

Theme & Variations


Once, when I was a young man, I got out of a crowded Manhattan subway at night.  All the commuters went up the right staircase.  Separating myself from the herd, I went up the left stairway all alone. . . and got pistol-whipped and mugged.  The rest of my life has been a variation on that theme.

The Daily Obstruction: Fire

26 Jan


tantric embrace



Just as fire is created by friction, the oppositional differential between obstacles unleashes hidden energies.

Daily Obstruction: Open Invitation

25 Jan

shiva dancing on ignorance

Open Invitation


If you feel like you’re having a love affair with Trouble, maybe you are.

Daily Obstruction: To the Victor

24 Jan


To The Victor Go The Spoils


Defeat schools the loser more than success the winner.

Daily Obstruction: Resistance

23 Jan


Pièces de Résistance


Resistance, it does a body good.  It does a mind good too.  Why would the same principle be good for both body and mind?  Because “body” and “mind” are two words that name the same thing.


Daily Obstruction: Before the Law

22 Jan

supreme court

Before the Law


The courts of law are full of obstructionists.