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Daily Obstruction: Open Invitation

25 Jan

shiva dancing on ignorance

Open Invitation


If you feel like you’re having a love affair with Trouble, maybe you are.

Daily Obstruction: The New Gladiators

14 Jan


“A long, lovely suicide”*


In the age of mass media, we don’t need gladiators.  We exact of our artists, actors, and athletes a sacrifice of blood and flesh.  They give their lives for our sins.  The commonweal is fed and more sacrificial victims are placed under the wheel.**

*- From Oscar Wilde’s quote, “The artistic life is a long, lovely suicide.”

**- See Hermann Hesse’s Under the Wheel.

Daily Obstruction: Beginning or End?

5 Nov

Shiva lord of dance

Beginning or End?

            “That’s it.  My life’s over.  It’s all going to crash down, implode from the inside.  There’s no helping it.”

“Why do you always default to the worst case scenario?  Why do you always see any problem, no matter how slight, as apocalyptic?”

“Don’t you get it?  I’m anxious.  I’m an anxious person.  Living with anxiety means living like there is a loaded gun held to my head all the time.  If the worst would just happen, then at least the trigger is pulled and the tension finally released.”