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Daily Obstruction: Missives from the Undiscovered Country

3 Sep




Missives from the Undiscovered Country


Aches, pain, injuries, hearing loss, impaired vision – these are the messengers of mortality.  How do you receive them?

Daily Obstruction: Traveling in Some Vehicle

22 Aug


Traveling in Some Vehicle


This thing we call “consciousness”: It’s as if we were transported from a distant galaxy to this planet and placed inside this pod we call “a body” in order to learn what we can while we’re here.  When our mission is over, we will return home and use this knowledge somehow.  Sometimes it is very lonely on this distant planet and we miss our home across the stars.

Daily Obstruction: Your Body and “You”

22 May



What Do You Mean?


People commonly say “My body is killing me.”  Is it, or are you killing your body?

Daily Obstruction: Gravitational Pull

17 Mar


Gravitational Pull


The mind can be non-attached, but bodies are the locus of attraction.


Daily Obstruction: Moksha & Art

21 Feb

guan yin

Moksha & Art

It has been said that the power to enlighten others, if not discharged, is like a restless elephant caged by a straw hut.  Conversely, if that power is released to others, it is like draining an aquifer of its water causing it to implode upon itself.  Is not the creative process akin to this power to enlighten?

Daily Obstruction: Resistance

23 Jan


Pièces de Résistance


Resistance, it does a body good.  It does a mind good too.  Why would the same principle be good for both body and mind?  Because “body” and “mind” are two words that name the same thing.


Daily Obstruction: It’s Not a Matter of Winning or Losing, It’s How You Play the Game

21 Dec

Coëtivy_Master_(Henri_de_Vulcop )_(French,_active_about_1450_-_1485)_-_Philosophy_Consoling_Boethius_and_Fortune_Turning_the_Wheel_-_Google_Art_Project

It’s Not a Matter of Winning or Losing, It’s How You Play the Game


Just as entering the court or the field to commence play, the game begins with all its rules and time-limits, so too does the timeless soul enter the body.