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Daily Obstruction: Miracle Drug

21 Oct



Miracle Drug


Death is a wonderful elixir. . . and the greatest obstruction.

Daily Obstruction: Shift

16 Oct





I have fled, flourished, floundered, and failed.  Then I was found, fed, fêted, and set free.  Glory be.


Daily Obstruction: A Lonesome Journey

29 Sep



A Lonesome Journey



The path through the valley of the shadow of death can only be crossed alone.

Daily Obstruction: The Graven Image

24 Sep



The Graven Image


Every writer has a hidden affinity for death.  Authors and monument carvers have overlapping fields of work.

Daily Obstruction: The Solipsist

21 Sep


The Solipsist


A man walking upon the strand finds a pocket watch and claims to be the watchmaker.  Little did he know that henceforth, his life would be measured by duration and not by intensity.


Daily Obstruction: Missives from the Undiscovered Country

3 Sep




Missives from the Undiscovered Country


Aches, pain, injuries, hearing loss, impaired vision – these are the messengers of mortality.  How do you receive them?

Daily Obstruction: Koan

29 Aug

Bodhidharma by Hakuin



A koan is an artificial problem designed to shed light on the artifice of all problems, not least of all, birth and death.