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Daily Obstruction: Composition

13 Oct





As a pen in the hand of an author, so the “artist” is to The Author.  Thus it is written.


Daily Obstruction: “My Pains Were Their Own Reward”

10 Oct



“My Pains Were Their Own Reward”


What profit, asks the prophet, what profit do you reap from the work of your hands?  He who looks to the fruit finds it not.  She who delights in the labor discovers self-fulfillment.



Daily Obstruction: Almanac

9 Oct




Fallow and fecund.  Dormant and prodigious.  Back and forth the artist’s pendulum swings, just as with the farmer’s field.  Like the farmer, the artist too fears the day of declining yield.

Daily Obstruction: A Case of Mistakes

6 Oct



A Case of Mistakes


Generosity embarrassed distresses the borrower.  Successful solace in parallel arcs is grateful, naïve, sophomoric, a rotten offering, wherefore the response emulates disparaging sentiments.  The sincerest aide is only visible forward.

Daily Obstruction: Artistic Bent

6 Oct




Artistic Bent


The most intense adversity can act as a crucible for creativity.

Daily Obstruction: Writing Exercise in Futility

1 Oct


Writing Exercise in Futility


Alone in my cell, I use imaginary paint to cover the walls with the images of my dreams for no other reason than to forget for a brief moment that they imprison me in my solitary confinement.  Or is my cell a figment of my imagination?


Daily Obstruction: Logos

27 Sep




Writing completes the work of creation.


Daily Obstruction: The Graven Image

24 Sep



The Graven Image


Every writer has a hidden affinity for death.  Authors and monument carvers have overlapping fields of work.

Daily Obstruction: Vespers

19 Sep





Clear the mind, enter the empty cathedral.  The pages of the liturgy are blank.  At the pew is a fountain pen.  In the stoup is ink.

Daily Obstruction: S’aventurer

9 Sep





The creative spark is setting out on a journey without a map but with the faith that you’re not lost.  Or, if that proves too much, then at least forging ahead with the courage to get lost.