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Daily Obstruction: Virtue Ethics

29 Jun


Virtue Ethics


“Sounds like you’d rather be right than be happy.”

“If I don’t do the right thing, then I can’t be happy, but doing the right thing is often obvious and rarely easy.”

Daily Obstruction: Justice & Fairness

17 May



Justice & Fairness


There is more than a casual correlation between our desire for fairness in sports and games and our quest for justice in more “serious” realms.

Daily Obstruction: Karma-Yoga

1 May

wheel of law




“Karma” literally means “action.”  Bad karma is bad action.  The worst karma is when people pass along their bad karma onto you.  But you have a karmic choice: continue the chain of bad karma by passing it along to others, or stopping the chain with you.  Karmic transmission is symbolized by the image of the fire of a candle igniting the wick of other candles.  “Nirvana” literally means “blowing out” and is symbolized in this metaphor as “blowing the candle out.”  “Yoga” literally means “union.”  Thus Karma-Yoga could be understood very physically as the act of proper breathing: The union of Karma (inhaling) and Nirvana (exhaling).

Daily Obstruction: In Heaven and On Earth

27 Feb



In Heaven and On Earth


Though the law, in theory, represents ‘us’ and ‘our’ interests, we don’t live in theory.  In lived experience, the lofty aspirations of ‘the law’ are manifest in the flawed enforcement of mortals drunk on power and the crushing force of ‘a system.’  Hence, it should come as no surprise that in fiction outlaws are portrayed as heroes opposing every last vestige of authority and audiences everywhere identify with the heroic lawbreaker.

Daily Obstruction: Before the Law

22 Jan

supreme court

Before the Law


The courts of law are full of obstructionists.

Contracting & Expanding

20 Nov


Contracting & Expanding

  1. Freedom – Very young children like the playground of pure imagination – being a pirate on a make-believe ship, imitating a lion, walking on the moonscape of the mind’s eye.
  2. Law – Eventually they outgrow the mindscape of make-believe and prefer the playground of rules and roles – the grid of the football field, the confines of the basketball court, the complex strategies of board-games. The unstructured playground is “kid-stuff” to them now.  Fun is found within the rigid, bound, limits of the game. The imaginative mind has narrowed.
  3. Liberty – At a certain point, the free play of imagination opens up to some. Second childhood.  They have discovered the “liberty” of creativity.  Liberty is freedom created by law: fiction emerging out of the innumerable rules of grammar, spelling, convention, etc.; improvisation arising from the rules of harmony, rhythm, dissonance, etc.; dancing galvanized by the bounds of physics.