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Daily Obstruction: Dyslexic Dreams

8 Aug



Dyslexic Dreams



Where there is no trail,

But there is a dream,

Remember that the trial

Is the trail rearranged

Within your somnambulist-journey.

Daily Obstruction: The Power of Prayer

22 Jul



The Power of Prayer


Prayer as petitioning to a higher power (or worse, as barter or bribery with that power) is ineffectual.  The power of prayer is not to be found in the “higher power,” but in the power of the self to visualize a change and, through seeing it, move toward it, attract it, enact it.


Daily Obstruction: Purpose

12 Jul





The future should focus the mind on the present, not the other way around.

Daily Obstruction: Horror Vaccui

29 Apr


Horror Vaccui


Just as many people feel intimidated by the blank canvas before them and would prefer a color-by-number picture to creating an original work of art, so too do many people stand in horror before the possibilities that life places before them and prefer to follow the well-worn paths of others and obey “the rules” rather than make their own path and own rules.

Daily Obstruction: Figure & Ground

18 Mar



Figure & Ground


Looking past the immediate situation, mood, and mental construction, what do you see?