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Daily Obstruction: Imperceptible

15 Jun




Minor victories, small accomplishments, modest progress, incremental advances – these deserve to be celebrated (often quietly or even silently).  Most progress happens due to the many miniscule feet of the caterpillar, not the swooping, soaring flight of the far-seeing hawk.

Daily Obstruction: Process Over Product

14 Feb


Process Over Product

Successful people don’t strive for success, for if they do, they’re not successful, if by “success” we mean the achievement of a good life and sense of well-being.  If one strives for success, when one reaches the pinnacle of one’s goals, it feels empty.  Rather, successful people strive to do this immediate task-at-hand as best they can.  When that’s complete, they move on to the next task-at-hand.  Successful people throw themselves into the struggle wholeheartedly.  Success is not a state, it’s an activity.

Daily Obstruction: To the Victor

24 Jan


To The Victor Go The Spoils


Defeat schools the loser more than success the winner.

The Daily Obstruction: Chance and Necessity

22 Dec


Chance and Necessity


Failure is no more the opposite of success than tails is the opposite of heads.