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Daily Obstruction: S’aventurer

9 Sep





The creative spark is setting out on a journey without a map but with the faith that you’re not lost.  Or, if that proves too much, then at least forging ahead with the courage to get lost.

Daily Obstruction: Traveling in Some Vehicle

22 Aug


Traveling in Some Vehicle


This thing we call “consciousness”: It’s as if we were transported from a distant galaxy to this planet and placed inside this pod we call “a body” in order to learn what we can while we’re here.  When our mission is over, we will return home and use this knowledge somehow.  Sometimes it is very lonely on this distant planet and we miss our home across the stars.

Daily Obstruction: Overheard

30 Jun




There are hidden forces afoot.  When will you cease listening to the sounds of your own voice and hear–?

Daily Obstruction: Detective Story

29 May



Detective Story


Every moment is a mystery.  Detectives are not needed in order to solve the mystery, but in order to alert others to the fact of its existence.

Daily Obstruction: The Mystery Reveals the Detective

15 Mar



The Mystery Reveals the Detective


We seek out the problems we wish to solve.  The real problem is – why do we wish to solve them?