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Daily Obstruction: You’ve Been Carrying That Weight a Long Way

3 May

cat in the hat

You’ve Been Carrying That Weight a Long Way



There may be times when you wish to drop everything.  But some things make big messes when dropped.  Others, not so much.  What is to be learned from this?  Learn to place some things down, even if only temporarily, so as not to make bigger messes for yourself to clean up later.

Daily Obstruction: Hooked

16 Mar

newsof freedom



You can let go, but sometimes the things you let go of have hooks in you.

Daily Obstruction: Axis Mundi

29 Jan



Axis Mundi


When the world whirls too fast, find its axis and be still.

Daily Obstruction: Resolutions

3 Jan



Recovering the Meaning of “Resolution”


The concept of a New Year’s Resolution – as in an intention – has been with us since the late 18th century.  But the more archaic meaning from the Latin is “the process of reducing things into simpler forms,” as in “solving” or breaking down a mathematical problem.  Once the problem has been reduced or “resolved” into its component parts, then it is easier to hold and its hold upon you has been “loosened.”  My intention for the new year?  More resolutions.

Today’s Daily Obstruction: And Multiply

16 Nov

heart stone

And Multiply


Lovers multiply the obstacles exponentially.  Yet, given the choice between erotic obstruction and solitary simplicity, which do you choose?  Why?