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Daily Obstruction: Overheard

30 Jun




There are hidden forces afoot.  When will you cease listening to the sounds of your own voice and hear–?

Daily Obstruction: Virtue Ethics

29 Jun


Virtue Ethics


“Sounds like you’d rather be right than be happy.”

“If I don’t do the right thing, then I can’t be happy, but doing the right thing is often obvious and rarely easy.”

Daily Obstruction: Just For Now

28 Jun


Just For Now


Everything is just for now.  Talk of plans for the future – just for now.  Memories of things past – just for now.  To do this or not do that – just for now.  There is nothing that is not just for now.  Even this is just for now.

Daily Obstruction: Solutions & Remainder

27 Jun



Solutions & Remainders


God = the irreducible remainder, that is, whatever you’re left with when you’ve lost everything else.


Daily Obstruction: Gradual Radical Break

26 Jun


Gradual Radical Break


Next time you feel as if progress is slow and that you are being held back, remember, it took about 250 million years for the first fish to pop its head above water and even think about crawling on land.  No doubt, all the other fish said that fish had flipped its lid.

Daily Obstruction: Peering Over the Edge

26 Jun



Peering Over the Edge


Why live on the edge?  Because that’s where the thrills are.




Daily Obstruction: Encrypted

24 Jun





Every obstacle comes with a hidden message: You chose this.