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Daily Obstruction: Money Matters

2 Aug

ascetic buddha1


Money Matters


I don’t give a fig for money.  It’s just that everyone else makes such a big deal about it and they impinge upon my fig-free attitude.


Daily Obstruction: GDP & GDH

26 May





Empirical evidence of the human species’ valuing strife over happiness: the predominance of Capitalism over the guiding index of Gross Domestic Happiness.


[The best things in life are free and with these new little libraries that are sprouting all over the place, that’s never been more true!)

Daily Obstruction: Fool’s Dilemma

13 May


Fool’s Dilemma


The philosopher’s fundamental questions – freedom of the will and determinism – are the playthings of monkey mind.


Daily Obstruction: Party Etiquette

13 Jan


Party Etiquette


Politics, money, religion, and sex – things to avoid when making “small-talk.”  Small-talk reflects small-thought, little-thought, no-thought.  Show me the way to the party for big thoughts and deep conversation where the question “How are you?” is not understood to be a greeting.


Daily Obstruction: Explanation of My Poverty

27 Dec


Explanation of My Poverty


The best things in life are free. . . making it hard to sell what I have to offer.

Daily Obstruction: Conspicuous Counterfeits

26 Dec

false prophet

Conspicuous Counterfeits


Fear not false prophets.  Fear their followers.


Today’s Daily Obstruction: Money

27 Oct




We commonly say “time is money.”  Given our observation of time as multivalent and an almost ubiquitous factor in various sorts of games, it is easy to understand how money serves a similar function.  Like time, money keeps the game ‘in play.’  Even when out of money, the game rolls along because of the other factor that greases the wheels – time.