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Daily Obstruction: Self & Sea

6 Aug



Self & Sea


When riding the turbulent waves of life’s ocean, remember, you are the water.

Daily Obstruction: The Power of Prayer

22 Jul



The Power of Prayer


Prayer as petitioning to a higher power (or worse, as barter or bribery with that power) is ineffectual.  The power of prayer is not to be found in the “higher power,” but in the power of the self to visualize a change and, through seeing it, move toward it, attract it, enact it.


Daily Obstruction: Solutions & Remainder

27 Jun



Solutions & Remainders


God = the irreducible remainder, that is, whatever you’re left with when you’ve lost everything else.


Daily Obstruction: Good Health

4 Feb



  אֲשֶׁר יָצַר אֶת הָאָדָם


There’s a Jewish prayer that gives thanks for fashioning us with “many openings and many hollows. . . .  If even one of them ruptures, or if even one of them becomes blocked, it would be impossible to survive (even for a short period).”  Some obstructions are beyond us while simultaneously within us.  No matter what obstruction faces you externally, give thanks for good health while you have it.  And if you do not have it, know that this too is a daily obstruction.  My one of your internal openings be open to the thought of that.