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Daily Obstruction: Wolf Way

16 Aug


Wolf Way


It simply is not possible for a lone wolf to find a pack – not even of other lone wolves – because the way of the pack is not its way.

Daily Obstruction: Artist’s Tao

15 Aug



Artist’s Tao


Just as a sculptor works with the inherent faults, flaws, and grooves of the raw material, so too do all artists work with the natural inclination their chosen medium.


Daily Obstruction: Will or Way?

23 May


Will or Way?


It’s not a matter of “When there is a will there’s a way.”  It’s a matter of submitting your will to the Way.

Daily Obstruction: Tao

21 May




The Way ways always.

Daily Obstruction: There & Here

14 Apr

Mountain Top 063

There & Here


There are many ways up the mountain, but the master makes the peak jealous of the valley.

Daily Obstruction: Hooked

16 Mar

newsof freedom



You can let go, but sometimes the things you let go of have hooks in you.

Daily Obstruction: Capacity for Joy and its Opposite

13 Mar



Capacity for Joy and its Opposite


You tell me which takes more effort: drinking lemonade or turning lemonade into lemons?


* The image is the classic Chinese depiction of Confucius, Buddha, and Lao Tzu (L-R) tasting the contents of a vat of vinegar.  The vinegar is a metaphor symbolizing life and the interpretation of the image is that Confucius purses his lips, finding it unpalatable, Buddha is Stoically neutral.  Only Lao Tzu tastes it and smiles.