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Daily Obstruction: Gradual Radical Break

26 Jun


Gradual Radical Break


Next time you feel as if progress is slow and that you are being held back, remember, it took about 250 million years for the first fish to pop its head above water and even think about crawling on land.  No doubt, all the other fish said that fish had flipped its lid.

Daily Obstruction: Via Negativa – Vita Vitalia

16 Apr



Via Negativa Vita Vitalia


Aristotle once asked what the ultimate goal of the human form of life is.  He rejected the aim of “living,” for we humans have that in common with all life and thus that can’t be the unique purpose of human existence.  But why segregate human life from all other forms of life?  From the vantage point of life, the task of life is living.  There is no ultimate achievement; only varying degrees of living vitally.  The impulse of life moves toward living as vitally as one can.  More often than not, this inclination exceeds mere “happiness.”  Often vital living means distress, dis-ease, discomfort, even one’s own demise.  The fact that so many of the words that describe the state beyond happiness involve negative prefixes exemplifies the standpoint from which mankind has developed its vocabulary – from within the realm relative safety, ease, and comfort.  Humans lack a positive word for the ecstatic state of vitalism.

Your Daily Obstruction: Evolution

26 Oct



If ever there was an apodictic argument for life’s innate yearning for resistance, it is evolution.  When swimming became too easy and commonplace, life found its next challenge on land.  When that challenge no longer provided sufficient amusement, life strove for the skies.  The question today is: Now what?