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Daily Obstruction: State of Being and Process of Becoming

23 Aug



State of Being and Process of Becoming


Defeat is not failure.  Failure is giving up, not trying, dropping out.  Failure is a mental state.  Defeat is part of a process.  One can be defeated but not be a failure.

Daily Obstruction: Misadventure

18 Aug





“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” the saying goes.  Sometimes the only thing gained is pain, disappointment, and bitter knowledge.

Daily Obstruction: Doubt & Certainty

27 Jul


zen garden2

Doubt & Certainty


If you hit rock bottom, at least you’re on solid ground.

Daily Obstruction: Self Snare

20 Jun

Medieval Dunking

Self Snare


When you walk into the same trap repeatedly, every time, then you have to begin to suspect that it’s your trap, as in, you’re the one who set it.  So you can’t really be upset that you find yourself in its snare.

Daily Obstruction: Try, Fail, Repeat

10 Jun


Try, Fail, Repeat


It’s been said that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.  Unfortunately, that’s also a very apt description of the learning process.

Daily Obstruction: By Not Opposing End Them

15 Apr


By Not Opposing End Them


Failure rarely strikes in a single blow.  Frequently it makes multiple sorties.

Daily Obstruction: A Solution for Every Problem

7 Apr



A Solution for Every Problem


“Every problem has a solution.”  That sort of thinking is half the problem.  The other half of the problem is that often the solution to trenchant problems is almost as painful as the problem itself.


Daily Obstruction: Nothing Ventured

29 Dec


Nothing Ventured


Failure isn’t sad.  Failure means there was an attempt.  It’s not even sad that most people don’t even try, but rather, even when they do try, they don’t risk.


* Photo is of the Concord School of Philosophy, built, founded, and led by A. Bronson Alcott, a man who attempted, tried, risked, and failed more than anyone I know.  He often compared himself to a winter apple – the last to ripen, yet the sweetest of all.

Your Daily Obstruction: Contrary to Fiction

25 Dec


Contrary to Fiction


When all else fails, remember, failure is an option.


The Daily Obstruction: Chance and Necessity

22 Dec


Chance and Necessity


Failure is no more the opposite of success than tails is the opposite of heads.