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Daily Obstruction: Language Immersion

5 Sep


Language Immersion


The Self is wiser than the self.  In dreams the divine Self communicates through hieroglyphs, a half-forgotten language.  The mortal self has to decipher the language before the lessons can be approached.

Daily Obstruction: Thanaterotic

23 Feb




That point when the dual and opposite drives of Eros and Thanatos meet.

Daily Obstruction: Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

7 Feb

golden ratio

Beyond the British Pleasure Principle

Have you ever wondered why you find pain pleasurable and find decadent pleasure nauseating?  Contrary to the British philosophers, we were not made for pleasure.  We were made for finding delight in the overcoming of pleasure.

Daily Obstruction: Dreams

1 Feb

bodhi tree buddha



Which poses more obstacles? – Waking life or dreaming?  What about awakening from waking life?

Internal Architecture: Daily Obstruction

16 Dec


Internal Architecture

Formal logic operates in accordance with external rules derived from the fundamental Principle of Non-Contradiction.  The logic of the psyche resembles an organic city with all its winding streets and hodge-podge buildings.  The city laid its foundations before any zoning board, planning authority, or inspectors were established.  Its fundamental organizing principle was life, and only later were any sort of rules or regulations superimposed upon the bustling metropolis for the sake of order.

Daily Obstruction: Obstacles to Analysis

9 Nov

tibetan wheel

Obstacles to Analysis

Freud famously said that the first thing an analyst needs to know about a patient is that the patient does not want to get better.  Just as how with Leonardo da Vinci and all of his ingenious uses of water in his machines, it took Newton to come along and state the obvious law that da Vinci was using all along – gravity – so too with Freud.   He was onto something, but he failed to follow his insight all the way to develop a full-fledged theory of obstruction.