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Daily Obstruction: The Danger of Distortion

8 Jul



The Danger of Distortion


Obstacles are like shadows – there is no obstacle so small that, when seen from the proper perspective, it can’t seem so large as if to obliterate you.  In full light, however, all shadows disappear.


Daily Obstruction: Being and Seeing

17 Jun


Sitz im Leben

In most instances, one cannot simultaneously both be in a place and see that place from afar in order to appreciate it in its context.

Time Warp: Your Daily Obstruction

8 Dec



Time Warp

Can there be an effect before the cause?  Yes – through vividly imagining the future.


1 Nov




Drugs and alcohol – an attractive obstruction for many.  The illusion of inhibition, the fun of internal challenges to both body and mind.  A detour in the path of perception.