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Daily Obstruction: Miracle Drug

21 Oct



Miracle Drug


Death is a wonderful elixir. . . and the greatest obstruction.

Daily Obstruction: Crucifix

18 Oct




The future and the past both cast a specter upon the present forming the shadow of a cross.


Daily Obstruction: Turning Point

17 Oct



Turning Point


I’ve turned so many corners in my life that I’m back where I began.

Daily Obstruction: Shift

16 Oct





I have fled, flourished, floundered, and failed.  Then I was found, fed, fêted, and set free.  Glory be.


Daily Obstruction: Thelema

15 Oct






Use me as Thou wilt.  I’m yours.

Resistance is folly.

You have broken me.

You have opened me.

You have sounded me.

My will has left me bereft.

Your will is all I have left.

Carry me upon the cosmic current

like so many sparks of light

coalescing in the darkest night.

As you form me, ephemeral though “I” may be,

ʼtis Your energy to fashion as You see fit.

Far be it for the flame to rebuke the fuel.

ʼTis not for the fire to take the wood to task for its use.

ʼTis all that You sustain me now,

dependently arising within a universe that, like a tidal river, ever ebbs and flows.

Daily Obstruction: Aliyah Offering

12 Oct


Aliyah Offering



I submit, I relent, I concede, I give up.  I forbear, I yield, I surrender wholeheartedly.  Like water, I admit your obstacles.  Like water, I am drawn.

Daily Obstruction: Metanoia

12 Oct





Life, I am at your mercy.