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Daily Obstruction: Muse out of the Muck

11 Aug


Muse out of the Muck


It sometimes occurs to me that my reality has to be truly terrible in order for me to inhabit the fantasy of my fiction.

Daily Obstruction: Writing Exercise Challenge

21 Jun


Writing Challenge Exercise


Using only twenty-six characters, nine numbers and zero, and fourteen punctuation marks, write a story in English.


Daily Obstruction: Writing Material

18 Jun



Imitatio Dei[1]


There are many metaphors through which aspects of God are revealed: King, Savior, Redeemer, Master, Lover, Father, Mother, Ruler, Potter, Rock, Light, Lion, Eagle, Gardener.  However, God as author is the metaphor that should remind us that all these other metaphors are just that – metaphors.  Isn’t the best fiction the one that gets you to buy in so completely that you forget the central conceit and the author as well?

[1] The theological concept of the apotheosis of mortal man through the self-realization of one’s innate divine attributes.

Daily Obstruction: Rainy Days

6 Jun


Rainy Days


Sometimes I just feel like curling up in bed and writing a good book.


[Sorry about missing yesterday’s Daily Obstruction.  I forgot what day it was and I bought myself a new book in which to write.  There will be two D.O. today as a result.]

Daily Obstruction: The Obstruction of Freedom

28 Apr

shoes 035

The Obstruction of Freedom


Most people are not artists because they don’t know what to do with the radical freedom that faces them before the act of creation.  To the non-artist, nothing is more intimidating than the blank canvas, the empty page, silence before the symphony, the empty stage.


Daily Obstruction: Write Words

1 Apr


Write Words

The right sequence of words is worth a thousand pictures.

Daily Obstruction: Fabrication & Deconstruction

19 Mar


Fabrication and Deconstruction


Some people make things from whole cloth.  Others, seeing a dangling thread, can’t help but pull on it and see what happens.