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Daily Obstruction: Instructional Analogy

10 Jul


Instructional Analogy


As in play, so too in life.

Daily Obstruction: Playtime

3 Jul





If life were a zero-sum game, then the fact would be that ultimately we all end in the zero column.  If it’s not a zero-sum game, then, it’s not strictly a competitive game.  None of us win in the end, but all of us can play simply for fun.

Daily Obstruction: Divine Play

12 Jun




Divine Play


Birth and death – the divine play akin to peekaboo and hide-and-seek.

Daily Obstruction: Going for the Gold Watch?

6 Apr


Going for the Gold Watch?


“I have been doing such-and-such for over twenty years.”  Most people, when they hear words to that effect, interpret them as a virtue: consistency, dependability, reliability, dedication, etc.  I hear a lack of imagination, and stagnation due to fear, comfort, and complacency.  But what it really comes down to, I suppose, is what “such-and-such” is and how you do it.

Daily Obstruction: Too Far

2 Mar




Taking It Too Far


Math, economic transactions, games, sports, music, dance, even something as “simple” as just sitting – have you ever noticed that we turn everything that should be easy into something tremendously difficult and complicated?

Daily Obstruction: It’s Not a Matter of Winning or Losing, It’s How You Play the Game

21 Dec

Coëtivy_Master_(Henri_de_Vulcop )_(French,_active_about_1450_-_1485)_-_Philosophy_Consoling_Boethius_and_Fortune_Turning_the_Wheel_-_Google_Art_Project

It’s Not a Matter of Winning or Losing, It’s How You Play the Game


Just as entering the court or the field to commence play, the game begins with all its rules and time-limits, so too does the timeless soul enter the body.

Contracting & Expanding

20 Nov


Contracting & Expanding

  1. Freedom – Very young children like the playground of pure imagination – being a pirate on a make-believe ship, imitating a lion, walking on the moonscape of the mind’s eye.
  2. Law – Eventually they outgrow the mindscape of make-believe and prefer the playground of rules and roles – the grid of the football field, the confines of the basketball court, the complex strategies of board-games. The unstructured playground is “kid-stuff” to them now.  Fun is found within the rigid, bound, limits of the game. The imaginative mind has narrowed.
  3. Liberty – At a certain point, the free play of imagination opens up to some. Second childhood.  They have discovered the “liberty” of creativity.  Liberty is freedom created by law: fiction emerging out of the innumerable rules of grammar, spelling, convention, etc.; improvisation arising from the rules of harmony, rhythm, dissonance, etc.; dancing galvanized by the bounds of physics.

Playground of the Soul

31 Oct


hindu sculpture

Playground of the Soul


You have had a penchant for adversity and obstacles since before you were born.  That you chose to be embodied demonstrates, ab initio, your desire to experience the joy in resistance.

Your Daily Obstruction: Games

29 Oct



It’s easy to speak of obstacles found in games because fundamentally games are about the challenge of surmounting obstruction.  If you need further proof of the extent to which obstructions are sought after rather than avoided in life as in games, then simply look to the proliferation of games in life.  Games themselves are willed obstructions in our otherwise unencumbered lives.

Today’s Daily Obstruction: Money

27 Oct




We commonly say “time is money.”  Given our observation of time as multivalent and an almost ubiquitous factor in various sorts of games, it is easy to understand how money serves a similar function.  Like time, money keeps the game ‘in play.’  Even when out of money, the game rolls along because of the other factor that greases the wheels – time.