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Daily Obstruction: Losing You, Finding God

7 Jul


Losing You, Finding God


The best entheogen? – removing the obstacle that is ‘you.’  When ‘you’ are taken out of the picture, all you will see is God.  How do you do that?  Begin with removing the quotes that make you ‘you.’  Next, see that you are just made up of the letters y-o-u – in combination with all other letters in various ways.  Finally, let the letters go.  Hear the word: you.  Repeat it enough and its meaning gradually dissipates until it is just sound signifying nothing.  Enter into that meaningless nothing.  There, within the meaninglessness of sound, sight, touch, taste, smells, and breath, you will find the divinity you seek.

Daily Obstruction: Encrypted

24 Jun





Every obstacle comes with a hidden message: You chose this.

Daily Obstruction: Interpretive Strategies

9 Apr


Interpretive Strategies

What I right today, even if critical of what I wrote yesterday, in no way impinges upon yesterday’s writing.  (Be sure to read yesterday’s writing with this hermeneutic approach.)

Daily Obstruction: Fabrication & Deconstruction

19 Mar


Fabrication and Deconstruction


Some people make things from whole cloth.  Others, seeing a dangling thread, can’t help but pull on it and see what happens.