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Daily Obstruction: Seek and You Shall Find

20 Oct



Seek and You Shall Find


God exists in the in-between.

Daily Obstruction: Apprenticeship

16 Jul






Every day God paints anew upon the blank canvass of the sky.  It’s not that God is trying to “get it right,” but simply painting for painting’s sake.  Every moment the sea undulates and crests and crashes upon the shore, not in order to make the perfect wave, but simply because that’s what it does.  Art abounds, art surrounds us, art is us.  What can we learn from all the various masterful art instructors?  Do what comes naturally, and fear not the “correct” way, the “perfect” product, the “right” result.

Daily Obstruction: Losing You, Finding God

7 Jul


Losing You, Finding God


The best entheogen? – removing the obstacle that is ‘you.’  When ‘you’ are taken out of the picture, all you will see is God.  How do you do that?  Begin with removing the quotes that make you ‘you.’  Next, see that you are just made up of the letters y-o-u – in combination with all other letters in various ways.  Finally, let the letters go.  Hear the word: you.  Repeat it enough and its meaning gradually dissipates until it is just sound signifying nothing.  Enter into that meaningless nothing.  There, within the meaninglessness of sound, sight, touch, taste, smells, and breath, you will find the divinity you seek.

Daily Obstruction: Solutions & Remainder

27 Jun



Solutions & Remainders


God = the irreducible remainder, that is, whatever you’re left with when you’ve lost everything else.


Daily Obstruction: Writing Material

18 Jun



Imitatio Dei[1]


There are many metaphors through which aspects of God are revealed: King, Savior, Redeemer, Master, Lover, Father, Mother, Ruler, Potter, Rock, Light, Lion, Eagle, Gardener.  However, God as author is the metaphor that should remind us that all these other metaphors are just that – metaphors.  Isn’t the best fiction the one that gets you to buy in so completely that you forget the central conceit and the author as well?

[1] The theological concept of the apotheosis of mortal man through the self-realization of one’s innate divine attributes.

Daily Obstruction: Religious Obstructions

18 May

Bodhidharma by Hakuin1


Religious Obstructions


The West has the concept of sin and the feeling of guilt.  The East has the non-conceptual koan and. . .

Beingless Sins – a Daily Obstruction

6 Dec

new england

Beingless Sins


We love to make obstacles for ourselves where there are none – original sin, innate evil, The Fall.  Metaphysical, psychological, spiritual, theological obstructions to overcome in The Great Game.