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Daily Obstruction: As Within, So Too Without

21 Jul


As Within, So Too Without


The nature of the soul radiates outward and forms the world in its own image.

Daily Obstruction: In Medias Res

11 Apr


In Medias Res


“When you write a novel, do you start with a concept or a character?” he asked.

“Sometimes concepts become characters, other times characters exemplify concepts,” I said.

“Which am I?” he demanded of me.

“That depends,” I said.

“On what?” he asked with both skepticism and fear in his voice.

“On where this story began – with a concept or a character.”

“Only you can tell me that,” he said, impudently, folding his arms.

“That may be true, or. . .”

“Or what?”

“Or, maybe there is no beginning to this story.  Maybe you just came into existence.  Don’t you remember?”

“Only if you give me such a memory.”

“Well, let me ask you this: What does it matter to you?”

“What does what matter to me?”

“What does it matter whether you began as a concept or as a character?”

He pondered for a moment and then spoke slowly, “I don’t know that it makes a difference, but I’d prefer to know one way or the other.  I suppose I’d feel less. . . real. . . as a concept.”

“But by now you’d be a character.  A real character.”

“Maybe,” he said, “but only if you’re good at your craft.  Otherwise, I’m just a strawman, a stand-in, a ringer for something more ethereal.”

“Well, I can tell you, unequivocally, now you are either a full-blown character or a concept with personality.  In either case, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two.”

“Let me ask you this. . .”

Daily Obstruction: Personality Traits

24 Mar


Personality Traits

I’ve given up on finding “me” and have embarked on letting be.  But that might change tomorrow (or in five minutes).

Daily Obstruction: Process Over Product

14 Feb


Process Over Product

Successful people don’t strive for success, for if they do, they’re not successful, if by “success” we mean the achievement of a good life and sense of well-being.  If one strives for success, when one reaches the pinnacle of one’s goals, it feels empty.  Rather, successful people strive to do this immediate task-at-hand as best they can.  When that’s complete, they move on to the next task-at-hand.  Successful people throw themselves into the struggle wholeheartedly.  Success is not a state, it’s an activity.

Daily Obstruction: To the Victor

24 Jan


To The Victor Go The Spoils


Defeat schools the loser more than success the winner.


1 Jan




“He was lucky,” people say in retrospect of successful people’s lives, “so many serendipitous meetings with key figures throughout his life caused his ascent to the top.”  But this is actually not the case.  Each of those serendipitous contacts had come in contact with countless other people, but only a handful of them recognized the inherent greatness of the meeting.  It takes greatness to benefit from greatness.

Strength & Power

30 Dec


Strength & Power


Just as there’s a difference between muscles and strength, so too is there a difference between willpower and character.