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Daily Obstruction: Élan

11 Sep





Live Vitally.


(A Brief Explanation: This is the one ethical injunction, the one imperative of my ethical system that I call “Vitalism.”  It sounds like a tautology since the word “vital” means living.  But, to live vitally is no simple platitude enjoining one to do what one is already doing, viz., living life.  Rather, it derives its sense from the array of meanings of the term vital: essential, of the essence, critical crucial, key, indispensable, integral, urgent, pressing, burning, compelling, of the utmost importance.  In other words, remove from your life anything extraneous, unnecessary, anything that is an encumbrance.  And in another sense of vital: lively, energetic, spirited, exuberant, dynamic, vigorous, lusty, with élan, ecstatic.  It is an injunction to live life, not just by default, but with a lust for life, a life lived to the fullest, deepest, darkest, brightest, and best.  It is to live life as one would make art – not simply duplicating what has already been done, but creatively doing what has never been done, never been dared.  Not making a living, but making a life.)

Nietzsche & Zen

12 Apr

Announcing the Publication of my review of Andre van der Braak’s book Nietzsche and Zen in the “Journal of Comparative & Continental Philosophy”, 2016, pp. 1-7.


The first fifty readers can have free access to it by clicking on the picture of Nietzsche below:

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If you don’t have free access to it and would like a copy, send me an e-mail:




Daily Obstruction: Compose Yourself

25 Mar



Compose Yourself


All philosophy is biography, said Nietzsche.  Your biography most accurately articulates your philosophy, say I.

Daily Obstruction: Theme & Variation

27 Jan

the rules

Theme & Variations


Once, when I was a young man, I got out of a crowded Manhattan subway at night.  All the commuters went up the right staircase.  Separating myself from the herd, I went up the left stairway all alone. . . and got pistol-whipped and mugged.  The rest of my life has been a variation on that theme.

Apollo & Dionysus

11 Dec


writing death

Apollo & Dionysus

You can only know your limits by exceeding them.

Daily Obstruction: The Path of Maximum Resistance

23 Oct


The Path of Maximum Resistance

Do you run from safety, find wisdom in insecurity, delight in wicked games of high-stakes, tempt fate, resist help, and take the road less traveled?  Ever wonder why?  Because you were not made for ease.  You were made for challenge, thus you flee from contentment.  You are an explorer yearning for ever wider horizons.