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Daily Obstruction: Artist’s Tao

15 Aug



Artist’s Tao


Just as a sculptor works with the inherent faults, flaws, and grooves of the raw material, so too do all artists work with the natural inclination their chosen medium.


Daily Obstruction: Frustration

8 Aug





Struggling to unravel a knot in a string that has no knots in it.

Daily Obstruction: Self & Sea

6 Aug



Self & Sea


When riding the turbulent waves of life’s ocean, remember, you are the water.

Daily Obstruction: Harmonics

26 Jul




A single note does not a composition make.  Even a single note elicits sympathetic vibrations.

Daily Obstruction: Overheard

30 Jun




There are hidden forces afoot.  When will you cease listening to the sounds of your own voice and hear–?

Daily Obstruction: Virtue Ethics

29 Jun


Virtue Ethics


“Sounds like you’d rather be right than be happy.”

“If I don’t do the right thing, then I can’t be happy, but doing the right thing is often obvious and rarely easy.”

Daily Obstruction: Being Present

6 Jun


[Today’s Daily Obstruction is in the form of a philosophical poem.  Because why not?]

Life Passes You By as You Busy Yourself With More Important Things



If a breeze rustles through the leaves of a tree,

But everyone has their earbuds in,

Does it make a gentle sound?


If a bird sings a song,

But everyone is on the phone,

Does it sing as sweet?


If the sun bestows its light,

But everyone is in offices beneath the florescent glow,

Does it care?


If I am here

And you are there,

Do I love you less or more?


If the world goes about its daily chores

Without even a glance at Nature,

Will it one day wake up to discover

Life is as real as it is rare?