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Daily Obstruction: State of Being and Process of Becoming

23 Aug



State of Being and Process of Becoming


Defeat is not failure.  Failure is giving up, not trying, dropping out.  Failure is a mental state.  Defeat is part of a process.  One can be defeated but not be a failure.

Daily Obstruction: Fear & Faith

10 Aug


Fear & Faith


There can be fear without faith, but there is no faith without fear.  The greater the faith, the greater the fear.  Fear without faith is planning for failure.

Daily Obstruction: Dyslexic Dreams

8 Aug



Dyslexic Dreams



Where there is no trail,

But there is a dream,

Remember that the trial

Is the trail rearranged

Within your somnambulist-journey.

Daily Obstruction: Doubt & Certainty

27 Jul


zen garden2

Doubt & Certainty


If you hit rock bottom, at least you’re on solid ground.

Daily Obstruction: Disguises

19 Jul

quan yin



Fear is real, though the cause of the fear may be only a disguise.

Daily Obstruction: Solutions & Remainder

27 Jun



Solutions & Remainders


God = the irreducible remainder, that is, whatever you’re left with when you’ve lost everything else.


Daily Obstruction: Talent

18 Apr




Life is like riding a unicycle on a high tightrope while juggling.  If you think about it, it can be anxiety inducing.  But, the fact of the matter is you’re already doing it.  So have no fear about your ability to do it.

Daily Obstruction: The Writer’s Lament

28 Feb



The Writer’s Lament

The visual arts and music can be apprehended in real-time, but with writing it is otherwise.  One voice in the echo-chamber, every doubt is amplified multiple times.  A stage with many players – all of them the author – playing to an empty theater with silent applause.