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Daily Obstruction: The Contrarian

25 Apr


The Contrarian


Against opinions to the contrary, being contrary is not in my nature.  I don’t even stand on principle.  I stand on my own two feet and speak my mind.

Daily Obstruction: Nothing Ventured

29 Dec


Nothing Ventured


Failure isn’t sad.  Failure means there was an attempt.  It’s not even sad that most people don’t even try, but rather, even when they do try, they don’t risk.


* Photo is of the Concord School of Philosophy, built, founded, and led by A. Bronson Alcott, a man who attempted, tried, risked, and failed more than anyone I know.  He often compared himself to a winter apple – the last to ripen, yet the sweetest of all.

Distance and Proximity

11 Nov


(The A. Bronson Alcott School of Philosophy, Concord, MA)

Distance and Proximity


Run after the world and it will always out pace you.  Stop and you’ll discover the world beneath your feet.