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Daily Obstruction: Religious Obstructions

18 May

Bodhidharma by Hakuin1


Religious Obstructions


The West has the concept of sin and the feeling of guilt.  The East has the non-conceptual koan and. . .

Daily Obstruction: Thoughts & Deeds

30 Mar


Thoughts & Deeds


Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am.  But it does not follow to say, “I think bad thoughts, therefore I am bad.”  Or, conversely, “I think good thoughts, therefore I am good.”

Daily Obstruction: The New Gladiators

14 Jan


“A long, lovely suicide”*


In the age of mass media, we don’t need gladiators.  We exact of our artists, actors, and athletes a sacrifice of blood and flesh.  They give their lives for our sins.  The commonweal is fed and more sacrificial victims are placed under the wheel.**

*- From Oscar Wilde’s quote, “The artistic life is a long, lovely suicide.”

**- See Hermann Hesse’s Under the Wheel.

Beingless Sins – a Daily Obstruction

6 Dec

new england

Beingless Sins


We love to make obstacles for ourselves where there are none – original sin, innate evil, The Fall.  Metaphysical, psychological, spiritual, theological obstructions to overcome in The Great Game.